Do you know (our) Boney M.'s History?

Who still doesn't know Boney M. nowadays?!??

Four rhythmic Caribbean characters, with their extravagant costumes and hairstyles, each with their own distinct personality even though they frolicked and moved as one cohesive group, while singing the most successful 70's / 80's disco hits all over the world! .. and yet ..

What you probably didn't know …

There are even fans who, during the decade that Boney M. dominated the charts, clubs, the radio airwaves, T.V. and news headlines, had absolutely no idea of all the behind the glamour scenes drama, (like Boney M's “ fifth ” member!). And it seems there is a whole new generation of people who claim they don't know Boney M., that is until they recognize melodies from Lady Gaga's Poker Face or Duck Sauce's Barbara Streisand!

What the majority of people still do not know, is that since 1982 Boney M. no longer existed as that official cohesive group lineup everybody had grown to know and love and for at least the last 25 years were split up into two, four and at one point even five separate groups with each member now the leading factor in their own newly formed formation. But let's first roll time backwards to the true beginnings of the group, (even before Bobby, Marcia and Liz), and actually go back to the very beginning within Boney M.'s undeniably unofficial formative year; back to when “ Baby, Do you wanna Bump ” had just started to generate huge success and we will find that there were in fact four prior members who, (except Maisie), never made it to the ‘official lineup stage’, but had already done a lot of the promotion which was vital to achieve the success of the single.
If you start taking all this information into account, you'll see that all these changes resulted in a very long list of names all performing as ‘Boney M’…
Frank” (1974), Sheyla (1975), Maisie (1975), Claudja (1975), Mike (1975), Bobby (1975), Marcia (1975), Liz (1975), Reggie (1982), Marilyn (1987), Celena (1987), Curt (1987), Ron (1988), Madeleine (1989), Sharon (1989), Patty (1989), Anthea (1990), Maureen (1990), Carol (1992), Tamzie (1992), Tony (1994), Edna (1997), Maureen (1997), Gladys (1998), Jacqueline (1998), Peter, Toya and every other member alongside Bobby, Maisie, Marcia and Liz, as the list still continues today ...

The origins of Boney M. Show

In the events circles, it's no secret that Bobby Farrell's “Boney M. Show” was the most successful formation of the Fab Four's spin-offs, but was closely followed by “Boney M. feat. Liz Mitchell” because she sang on all Boney M. recordings and was in part also due to the fact that her new formation was the only spin-off to be officially backed by Boney M.'s manager and producer Franz Reuther (a.k.a. Frank Farian).
Even with all that Boney M. success, Bobby Farrell's “Boney M Show”, (as if almost in a true Boney M. fashion), started out with quite a few changes in its lineup, although for the last 12 years, leading up to his untimely death in St. Petersburg, Bobby's group formation remained mostly the same with Maureen Pengel, Edna Proctor and Jacqueline Jonkers .

Check out practically any video on Youtube or pictures via Google of “Boney M. Show feat. Bobby Farrell” and you will see these three ladies next to Bobby or in the background approximately 95% of the time. In fact, a bit of information the mainstream media never thought to mention the next day on the 31st of December 2010, was that the very last person to speak to Bobby in the hotel the night he passed away was indeed Edna Proctor, (still a current member of The reVue Boney M. Show).

In 2012, almost a year and a half after that tragic day, this happened:

Shownieuws (Dutch National T.V. channel SBS6)

As if Boney M. history was repeating itself once again, this new lineup went through a series of issues that include managerial changes as well as name changes after finding out they were being ripped off just before a gig in Spain in 2013. Boney M. Show by B-Ladies ft. Johnson became Boney M. reVue became The reVue Boney M. Show .

The current reVue Boney M. Show's ladies are all former lead and backing singers from “Bobby Farrell's Boney M. Show”. Edna Proctor , Maureen Fernandes and Tamzie Fransen knew him personally and all performed with the great iconic legend within the last 20 years before he tragically passed away in December 2010 after a show in St. Petersburg, Russia.
As you can see in the Shownieuws video item the “Boney M. Show by B-Ladies” met and teamed up a year later with the charismatic singer/performer johnsonG ! through their agent John Seine, (Bobby Farrell's former ‘manager ’, but that's an entirely different story …). johnsonG knew Bobby personally as they both lived in Lelystad and met on occasion in Amsterdam.

As a singer/dancer/choreographer for T.V. and event shows in The Netherlands and Germany, as well as a backing-vocalist guitarist for famous artists like Lionel Ritchie, Phil Collins and Ricky Martin on tour in the Netherlands, johnsonG, (real name Johnson Gabriel), had already built quite an impressive career in showbizz for himself, especially considering he, (just like Bobby), had no formal training in singing or dancing whatsoever. After taking on the task of combining the Frank Farian vocal sound with the emulated energetic dance expression, (which was Bobby's signature), the stage was set for more greatness and more recently in Barcelona and Galicia, when The reVue Boney M. Show headlined big open air summer festivals, the new front man’s suave and polished vocals, dancing and good-looks did not go unnoticed either!

The vocal harmonies the current Boney M. Show members collectively produce now, resonate with the studio recordings Franz Reuther, (a.k.a. Frank Farian), made back in the 70's and are considered the best Boney M. Show formation by any promoter that encounters them. The newly formed group received sensational reviews from agents, clients, promoters and crowds after shows in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

The reVue Boney M. Show brings you crazy enthusiasm, party and fun memories of Bobby mixed in with a show featuring great vocals, choreographed moves, short sketches, music and a formation that revives that euro disco pop groove with smooth moves by three experienced female performers in dazzling outfits together with the electrifying performance of johnsonG.
(Definition of revue in English: Light theatrical entertainment consisting of a series of short sketches, songs, and dances, typically dealing satirically with topical issues. OriginFrench, literally ‘review’, source Oxford Dictionaries ).

The Boney M. Show brings you the greatest hits from Boney M., the most successful disco act of the Seventies with worldwide sales of 150 million records! Hits like: Rivers of Babylon Daddy Cool Ma Baker Sunny Rasputin Brown Girl and many, many more!

Their tribute to Bobby Farrell is to keep his memory and the Boney M. Show alive!!!

Mr. Boney M. himself at the Opera House in Bratislava in 2009

The reVue Boney M. Show is a recipient of the Disco Award 2013 and has headlined at:

Puente Romana Beach Resort & Spa's Annual Flowers Ball in Malaga, (E) Pavillion Kaap Hoorn, (NL) Kortrijk's Summer Festival Carnival, (B) Wheel Festival in Menen, (B) Charlottenstrasse Festival in Dusseldorf, (D) Festa do Marisco O Grove in Galicia, (E) Bruges Tripel Festival, (B) Holland Summer Festival Ahoy, (NL) Festa Mejor del Prat in Barcelona, (E) Gran Fiesta Benidorm Palace, (E) Partinando Festival Zarragona, (E) Queensday Park Festival, (NL) The Disco Awards, (NL) Autosalon VIP in Ahoy, Rotterdam (NL) Tanz in den Mai, Kalkar (D) Sant Feliu de Pallerols, Girona (E) a.o. ...

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